still here but less riding Kegel helps?

I’ve lost some of the faith for the SO but still really enjoy the riding and now have a new job that is a big time suck.
HOWEVER…. I have noticed something very strange lately – instead of a a-ride, I have just masturbated with porn once a week or two weeks. I am married but heading for a divorce and seeing another woman that we will start an affair soon – this idea of being with her and while I masturbate less frequently has led some very powerful orgasms – tingles all over, breathe taken away and head nearly hitting the desk (if I am sitting) – I am assuming that my PC/kegels are much stronger than ever and am wondering if others have noticed a much longer/deeper/tingle than normal masturbation- it really feels like the p-spot is activated and driving this? If so, happy man!

Still here with an adjustment onto the back and new audio

Still here and still enjoying the rides but no super O as of yet.
However, I decided to stop the porn and switched to Binaural Beats for HFO via youtube. Its great audio and really is just enough to keep the mind focused and not distracted- and I find myself keeping the intensity dialled into the audio with great effect.

I’ve also stopped the left side position and am now on my back, large rolled towel under my hips and knees slightly spread with feet pulled up near my bottom and head without pillow. This has definitetly allowed the involuntaries to freely kick in and a different experience.

I also can’t wait for the Trident series to get to europe early Jan. I enjoy both tabs on the PJr so believe lots of value will be derivd from their inclusion.

Happy riding everyone!

Witholding for 10 days, going to about 22

Currently on a family vacation for 3 weeks and had my last orgasm 10 days ago and my last ride 12 days ago. Current plan is to go another 10-12 days witholding and the anticipation keeps rising so I keep supressing it. Looking forward to a ride soon!

Tantra 12 Jan

Just adding an entry to remember my lovely tantra session earlier this year

Still here… enjoying the ride and shared my secret

I continue to enjoy the ride and journey with 80% HFWO success with the progasm. Will start to mix it up with my other models since I’ve enjoyed progasm exclusively for the last 4 months or so. Also did a tantra the other day which helped in the breathing exercises (still not consistent) and the movement of the arousal energy capability. Highly recommended. Also had the chance to share my secret with a friend who was looking for “more”. Hope he starts his own journey soon and it was great to feel like “the expert” while explaining that it is a journey which is different for everyone.

Super-O (but wet)

Pretty certain I had my first Super O today – although it wasnt entire body and was wet on the end – but definite groin to shoulder & knee sensation and still lingering ‘glow’ feeling after 30 minutes.
Have been having consistent wet Os for a while now with Progasm – really enjoy them and working on holding the O off. Today was a little different with just nudging it along and watching an amazing asian girl on porn – instead of focusing on the cliff, I was just nudging and nudging and encouraged the O to come… and it was good. Its not one of those hollywood OMG scenes – but rather a nustle into the pillow and ride it out. Great fun and could have easily gone for another but had to stop… now enjoying a beer and the ‘glow’ effect!

Still enjoying it!

Just checking in and its been so fun to play with different ones and enjoy the different sensations. Definitely circling the drain and able to get close to the edge, but no Super-O yet! Enjoying the ride!

She'll be coming 'round the corner when she coms…

Another near successful evening.

Felt new sensations with a tightness developing and extending through my front pelvic area and into my cock. Could practically feel the mimicking prostate thrusting pressure at the tip. More precum than normal and several little Os.

I think i found my sweet spot and its incredibly important to do so! I need it extended slightly so i am considering mod'ing it for. 1/8-1/4 inch ptab. Maybe i try tomorrow – have several free quiet hours so less thinking on time.

No release either- so two sessions of excitement and I am still full of nervous energy.

Cant wait to enjoy the ride tomorrow.

New success!

Bought a Progasm (that thing is big!) and a Hugo Lelo yesterday- was excited to try them. The Hugo like all vibrating toys starts nice and then turns to numbness and a distraction. Just not convinced on vibrations. So went to the progasm and finished a super-t. The progasm doesnt move so also not convinced.

Had a short window today and as usual resigned myself to enjoying some pwaves and non-expectant fun. Well, that was nearly a mistake! Closest to a super-o ever and now i really know what a mini-O or two feels like.

I've switched up the p-tab placement to pull it much higher towards the balls- seems to find that ridge nicely and certain level of PC muscle contractions allows the feeling to move "through" to the penis and head. I've been able to find this spot consistently for the several sessions so believe there is excellent progress now! Also can bring back the sessions very quickly now- 15-20 minutes.

Feeling enthusiastic now!