Another mini-O after months and months.

I finally have had another mini-O with my Progasm! And it was glorious feeling! Only about 7.5 months since my last one. And it hasn't been for a lack of trying. What I find odd is that this was only a few hours later after I had a super-T today. Totally unexpected as my ass and prostate was feeling rather aroused and ready for another Aneros session. I had forgotten how the orgasmic feeling spreads outwards while the involuntary anal contractions happen and there is this feeling of giving in to it. So wonderful feeling, and certainly kind of dream like too. I wanted it to go on and on, but it only lasted probably as long as a regular ejaculatory orgasm. And I wasn't able to make any others happen within the same session.

What I find interesting was that I was focusing on and paying attention to this imaginary convergence of where the stimulation of the perineum from the P tab occurs and the Aneros body stimulating my prostate. That's what seemed to make it happen while relaxing, letting it happen, and stimulating my nipples. Damn it was good! I so want to be able to do this rather regularly! I'm confounded as to what the answer is for that to happen. It's been over eight years since I started this journey. I've certainly been a slow grinder making progress. Ah well… I'll take what I can get. It was amazing feeling to have this tonight and I'm thankful for it.

Another mild mini-O

So last night I had an Aneros session. I started with the Progasm which felt great, then used my Feeldoe More for a while, then back to the Progasm. It was this last time with the Progasm that I eventually had a single mini-O. Stronger than the ones I had almost a month ago. It was very odd in the sense it was a pleasant surprise, and I just have not figured out any particular reason as to why they occur sometimes and not others. Anyways, so my Progasm was just ever so pleasantly pulsing in and out of me via my involuntary anal contractions. And I'm focusing on the amazing sensations and also only stimulating my nipples half as much as usual, and then I notice that something relaxes and let's go in me and the lovely orgasm bursts over the top in bursts of joyful pleasure. Wow! I so love it when this happens. It is so dream like yet highly pleasurable. This time though it was not satisfying right after, it felt just a bit too short and not intense enough. So I tried for another and just couldn't make it happen. Ah well… Another time. :(

More mini-O's

So last night I once again experienced a couple of mini-O's. They were very mild compared to previous ones. But they felt more energetic in the sense of I could feel the energy moving up my torso. And less of a release than ejaculatory orgasms give, and prior more intense mini-O's had. Looking back at my previous entries, it seems like it was somewhat similar to what I had back in August. What I found interesting is this time it was the second Aneros session of the day, which usually never leads anywhere, so that was a surprise. And it was this process of feeling a good sensation, and focusing on it while encouraging and allowing it to build. Feeling the Progasm slide in and out of me via my involuntary contractions and thusly against my prostate and perineum was absolutely delightful feeling. After the two mini-O's I kept the session going to see if more orgasms would happen, but I just couldn't seem to get there. I would love it if I could attain these orgasms more regularly, but you know how that goes with the hopes and expectations. 😛

Daily practice.

I find lately how important it is for me to practice this Aneros thing daily. For those that don't know, I'm a grinder. No, not a sandwich. This is the term we use for us small minority of men that take well over a year to figure this thing out. I've been at this for over seven years with only the very occasional mini-O for orgasmic results in the last year, maybe a bit longer.

So like I was saying, it seems my body does better and my prostate becomes much more sensitive and awoken when I can do Aneros plus some solo dildo play daily. As an example, prior to Friday I had a string of several days in a row of sessions and was having very nice (non-orgasmic) pleasure and a very awoken and sensitive prostate. I missed having a session on Friday. And then on Saturday I couldn't even get my prostate to arouse, swell and feel sensations. Basically a dud pre-Aneros warm up and session. Rather upsetting in the sense that sometimes my schedule just doesn't work out to have daily sessions. Weird how we are all very different in our journey's and body responses to these toys.

Mini-O of a different calibre

I had another mini-O last night during my Aneros session. It was different though then the ones I've had before. It didn't feel like I was having an ejaculatory orgasm like my other mini-O's felt like. It felt like this mild yet gentle expansion of pleasure and well being whose source was the prostate. The area of that sensation inflated like a balloon. And through out that was a lovely pulsing sensation which was the Progasm being moved by my involuntary anal contractions. Very unlike a traditional ejaculatory orgasmic experience. But still very nice. I'm not complaining one bit since it's been many months since my last mini-O.

Pelvic relaxation

Years ago I remember reading a post from another user here, I think it was darwin, but I can't remember clearly if that's who it was. He mentioned how he has pelvic pain, uses a Therawand toy to help him with that and mentioned the book “A Headache in the Pelvis” as being really helpful and important for him.

The reason I mention this is for two reasons. One, I suspect I suffer from low grade pelvic tension. I notice I sometimes get minor pains in my anus and rectum for no reason that my Aneros sessions seem to exacerbate. And in the past would very occasionally get an approximately five second burst of really intense and debilitating pain in my anus and rectum that would stop me in my tracks while it happens. Like a really bad muscle spasm kind of pain. And that in my Aneros sessions, it is really easy for me to unconsciously tense muscles down there not only when the pleasure gets really good, but just out of force of habit.

Single pulse

So oddly enough, after my blog post, which was the last time I had a mini-O or dry-O of some sort. I haven't been able to reproduce it again yet. But what has happened is that with almost every session I get right up to the start of the orgasm. Basically I'll get one pleasurable orgasmic pulse, and then it's done. It never feels resolved like the mini-O's I had did. Sometimes this occurs once or many times in the session. If I wasn't having so much fun with this I'd be pretty frustrated with being teased like that. LOL Rather strange results. But it technically is progress since I wasn't able to do this before. So once again, I make slow but steady progress. This is what it means to be a “grinder” here in the Aneros forums.

Blown away!

So I did it again last night! Almost four months since my last mini-O, I had another one. Oddly enough I was somewhat surprised it happened. As my Aneros sessions as of late have been really uneventful. And on top of that I've been struggling with life issues. The only thing I can really say that may have played a part in it, is that the prior day before, after my Aneros session, I fucked myself rather thoroughly for a long time with my Feeldoe More. Now there was no orgasmic events from this. But it felt really, really good. And as always, it massaged my prostate much more aggressively than my Aneros prostate massager's such that it typically wakes up my prostate much quicker. Where as it would otherwise take many daily Aneros sessions to get it to that point. And it teaches me to relax much more due to it's size, and to comfortably insert and enjoy the thrusting of it in me. This once again reinforces the belief that other forms of anal penetration and thusly prostate massage that is not Aneros products, can be helpful to move one along the path towards achieving super-O's.

On top of that when I started my Aneros session last night, I noticed when pushing chunks of shea butter inside me that I had an irritated hemorrhoid from fucking myself the prior day. And while inserting my Progasm, I thought to myself, “This may not go anywhere with this discomfort and pain from the hemorrhoid.” But once it was fully inserted and I relaxed the pain and discomfort went away.

Expectation and effort

So I've yet to achieve more mini-O's since the last two times. But I can tell based on the sensations I felt when I did get them that I was close several times throughout several sessions. And it's been surprisingly difficult to not put effort and expectation into achieving them. Only because I know that I can do this now. But at least the sessions are still enjoyable and pleasurable. Just not orgasmic-ally pleasurable. I'll keep grinding away at it! 😀

I did it again!

I did it again!

Two days from the last mini-O. Today I had an Aneros session with my Progasm Classic and ended up having three little mini-O's right in a row! It was like peak, ebb, peak, ebb, peak, ebb in just a few minutes or less. Wow! This so blows my mind! I feel like I've become ass and prostate sexual. Of course after they occurred I tried my best to relax and get it to happen again. But every time I'd get so close, but never go over. I guess I'll have to settle for what I get each session. But still… I'm way happy with the results I'm getting lately. It's really something else.

I can see why Aneros initially wanted to call super-O's, dream orgasms. As even with these mini-O's I'm getting, I feel like I'm in another world when they occur. So much so that at times I wonder if they really occurred, or perhaps I was hallucinating. Particularly when I'm trying to reproduce them again in the same session. I'm really having a blast with this now! Yeeha! 😀