What if the wall is too thick?

I’ve tried many many times to find my prostate by fingering myself and using the Helix Syn. I have never felt it because the wall dividing the prostate is quite too thick and strong. I use the Helix Syn, perhaps it’s too small or is actually touching the right spot but I can’t feel anything? I’m debating on whether or not to get the Progasm because it’s a bit larger so that it can push more onto the wall diving the prostate. I do believe that I’ve found the prostate though with my finger if I push hard enough on the wall, because when I do I get a feeling or urination. At least now I know I might need a toy that can push hard enough onto the wall between my prostate.

Also, I’ve stuck my finger in there as well while my Helix Syn was in me. Attempting to push the head of the Syn forward towards my penis attempting to stimulate the prostate. I do believe I felt something? But now I know that the Syn might be too small for me

Will my prostate get “bigger” if I don’t masturbate?

This is kind of a stupid question. But I'm waiting for my aneros to arrive next week and so I figured that if I stop masturbating my prostate will "enlarge" a little bit since the substance (including sperm) inside is used for masturbation. This might(?) make my prostate more sensitive for when my aneros arrives?