Some burning questions (first time user)

Hey guys.

I’ve just got my hands on the MGX Trident (To the best of my knowledge, this is the most beginner friendly model), and I have followed the guides to getting started.

I have reached in with my fingers before, and I know how the prostate is supposed to feel when caressed;

But even after using a generous amount of lube, I slid the Trident in and upon clenching and releasing my pc muscles, I don’t think I feel any tingles?

Another problem I faced is that despite the trident sliding in fine (it slides till the base is at the entrance of my anal cavity, so the position seems right), I’m having a bit of discomfort.

The 2 discomforts:

1. The perineum tab is pressing quite hard on my perineum, to the point I had to stick a cloth plaster to ensure there aren’t any abrasions. Also, the K tab is not in contact with skin (Is this normal?)

2. I was trying to get used to having it up my bum (I’ve never done butt stuff before), despite using lots of lube, my anus feels very sore.

I would either assume that I’m just very tight because I’ve not done it before, or I have the trident in the wrong position(I thought this might be it because my prostate was not really feeling anything & the pain was turning me off)