Buddy System for In-Person Help

I'm an old newbie, for want of better words.

My journey began on FEB 11 of this year )2013( with the purchase of a Maximus Classic, that model bought because it was the only Aneros available in a store within many, many miles of me.

I've since purchased an MGX Classic online and have also accessed a Eupho, not the Syn.

My learning curve through reading the excellent posts on this site has been an invaluable experience in my approach to the lack of any tangible results thus far. To balance that disappointment, however, was the massage I received this past Saturday from a man who included a prostate massage, and though he was a tad rough and aggressive, he found the money spot! So why not do it myself, I thought, post-massage? BINGO! Lo and behold, my first session to include FINGER p-waves this past weekend the day after the massage, which I followed up with another, less intense mini-session last night. And with my very own hands and fingers :(

So, my prostate ain't dead, for sure, and I've now experienced some of the writhing enjoyment of what I felt just like I see in vids posted online either by fellow users or others. If my finger p-waves can be viewed as groundwork laid for the Aneros versions to come )fingers crossed(, then I've accomplished a lot and can offset the longing I sometimes feel when I read about guys getting it on with their Aneros' within the first, second or third session!