Hygenic preparation: Is it better to use a full on enema or use the bulb enema?

As the title says, I'm debating whether I should use the full kit-and-kaboodle of an enema (bag, hose, plenty of warm water) or the small bulbous enemas for a quick squirt or two to clean the immediate area prior to playing with the Aneros.

Any suggestions, or personal anecdotes as to which method is better? I've used a full enema kit before where I'd drain the whole bag full of warm water and then immediately release for a more thorough cleaning, though the removal process can take a while. I've never used the bulb enemas before, though I presume they're a lot quicker but probably not as thorough.

Then again, would a full enema be needed considering you're only dealing with the first 4-5 inches of your rectum to reach the prostate?