I can’t anymore. ALWAYS a hands-free wet orgasm. I can do them on command. Please help.

Hello fellow Aneros enjoyers.

I have an Anerox Trident. I’ve been using it for almost two years now (~1.5 to be more precise). I’ve read and read, and read – Aneros forums, reddit, websites. In theory I know what a prostate orgasm is and most importantly that it is not an ejaculatory orgasm. However, whatever I do I ejaculate. Finally I decided to look for help. Here are my experiences. I’ll be as brief as possible. Please help.

I’ve identified two different pleasurable sensations.

One is directly in my prostate. It is always accompanied by an erection. I can clearly push my prostate with a contraction and it always hits the same spot. After a bit of stimulation I ejaculate. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes it happens quickly. I’ve tried the slightest of contractions and they still trigger ejaculations. It is extremely pleasurable. Sometimes I edge it and it’s amazing. But it’s still an ejaculatory orgasm.

The other sensation is more eerie. It’s more expansive and energetic. It is a general feeling in the whole of my pelvis. Sometimes I get it without an Aneros, when I’m usually mentally highly aroused, mostly through thoughts or fantasies and when I haven’t ejaculated for a long time.