I’m a 71 year old guy with some BPH issues, and perhaps a pending “Uriolift” procedure. Years ago I had a fantastic 3 hour session using a short broomstick handle cut off, lots of lube and several extra special “O”‘s that day. Reading up on prostate issues, I noted the Aneros models in their various formats, and opted for this 4” long model, knowing my anatomy is not what one could consider large. The other night, when the Aneros arrived, I used it with success, to understate it, and my goal is to keep the prostate active and ‘cleared out’, if this is helpful. So I am looking for others with somewhat the same experience as far a uninary tract issues AND those having used the Aneros, which as research shows, was actually invented to help with these conditions. Also, I note (have you?) some dangers and risks listed (Wikipedia) associated with the use of Aneros devices. Anyone with valid medical background…your comments would be most appreciated in response. I am looking forward to periodic use of the device, assuming it is safe to go ahead. (use plenty of water-soluable lube, I know). THANKS.