Need some advice

I am quite familiar with anal play, and have been doing so 2-3 times most of the weeks during the last 6 or so years.

I have been able to get (what i believe is) anal orgasms with manual stimulation. Yes they are good, but not mindblowing. It feels like you are pushing out with your entire body. It was not long ago i got my first.

Anyhow, i have been playing with the aneros for about a year, maybe more. It is always my foreplay to anal sessions nowadays. I have had some p-waves every now and then, where i do feel good, and feel a pressure in my stomach (a bit higher than the prostate, i believe).

I have been trying different teqhniques for a prostate orgasm, but no luck. I dont seem to get a lot of contractions going on. Neither with manual or static stimulation. Fast strokes, slow strokes, shallow, deep. My prostate/asshole just wont start the unvolentaries. Binaural beats, porn, no porn, instructionals and so on.

And yes, i am trying my absolute best to relax. I also believe i do manage to do this.

Any pointers for a guy who have plateued after trying anything i can think off and more? It would be much appreciated.