What women experience during multiple orgasms is their natural biology. But i dont think super Os are anything like those women orgasms. People are playing with their energy. Kundalini is flowing when they are all ecstatic. This energy if blocked will create physical and mental issues. its excess energy which can overactivate any chakra in the the body. Prostate play is dangerous in my opinion.

For a normal life and a normal human being kundalini should stay in mooladhara chakra but playing with our body can move it to other chakras which will cause overactivation of that chakra.


Tried mindgasm lesson 1, buying aneros soon!

I tried mindgasm lesson 1, I read a lot about aneros and super-o. I relaxed, put on the lesson and followed through. After few mins I was able to find that sweet spot where you clench pc and sphincter slightly and my penis started rocking. This was upto an extent pleasurable. Is it good progress?

Is this light vibration i feel down there p-waves?