First session with generally positive feelings, not sure what happened though.

So I got myself the MGX classic about a month ago. I’ve been having my 30-60 min sessions once/twice every week. Accommodating the MGX was never an issue since the beginning, as a matter of fact, that last bit of suction when sliding it in was probably the most pleasurable point during my sessions.

So today, I had 90-100 min session with the MGX. First 20 mins was just relaxation and setting the mood right. I started off on my left side, with right leg flexed and left leg straightened for the insertion. And the flexed my left leg and brought the knees as high as I could and close to my chest.

I was trying out the “do nothing” approach. Because manual contractions have done nothing for me so far. There were a few anal contractions because the MGX was in my rectum but I wouldn’t call it spasms. I switched over to my right, and then on my stomach with legs spread wide which was very pleasurable. This is when I also started watching some of my favorite videos, and I could definitely feel relaxing out more than usual, and the MGX being sucked in deeper. I also got urges to pee, so I took that as a positive thing. After about 40 mins on my stomach, I switched to being on my back, which watching something fun. I leaked a drop or two, but I can’t tell if it was prostatic fluid or urine. Eventually the urge of peeing increased a lot, and I just wanted to follow that feeling through and I squirted out quite a bit of a watery discharge. I cannot tell if this was urine or not. I couldn’t really smell anything in it. But the consistency was very watery just like urine. I had a huge thick towel underneath me, so I thankfully didn’t wet the friggin bed (it discharge shot out in a stream).