Day 35 – end of 5th attempt

Well, had an amazing session with a friend of mine yesterday. I had been planning to end the semen retention challenge around Day 34, but due to scheduling a friend of mine pushed that out to day 35. Even then, I had sort of told myself that I might end it, might not. I was just going to see how I feel. If things die down during the session naturally, I’ll leave it at that. Otherwise, I’ll give myself permission to ejaculate and really enjoy it.

Well, 4 hours into the session, things were not dying down. I separated orgasm from ejaculation about 2 years ago, and am quite good at it, but the last week or two of the semen retention challenge gave me even better control I think. So while trying to cum near the end of the session, I was actually having a hard time letting go. But the orgasms I was causing were amazing, lasting 2 or 3 minutes. It just seemed to be continuous orgasm.
That actually sometimes happens at the end of longer sessions anyways, but it seemed extra special 🙂

When I did cum, it was amazing. I covered my face and blew right over my head a few squirts. The ejaculation probably lasted about 20-30 seconds, so much longer than usual. We decided to ejaculate again about 15 min later and that was also a lot and very strong.

Day 35 of 5th attempt

Still going!

I have been pretty steady and even the last 10 days or so. No big swings in energy, horniness, or mood. I’d say my sexual desire in a resting stage seems less than it usually does before i started with semen retention. But when I start playing, it escalates pretty fast.

The last week, I’ve had AMAZING control. When having a session, with or without someone, I can have pretty good orgasms and be very aroused, like right on the edge of the PONR, but still keep orgasming and going and don’t feel like I’m that close to ejaculating. When I do feel like I’m too close, I’ve been able to really move the energy away from my groin area pretty quickly and then keep going.

I had planned to kill this challenge around the day 34 or 35 mark, but I’m just going to see how things go. If I keep this amazing control a bit longer, I might just enjoy that and see what happens.

I’m curious to see if I keep this new level of control even after I ejaculate, or if it’s something temporary caused by the semen retention.

Day 22 of 5th attempt

Happy to have made it to my 21 day goal. Nothing magical happens at the 21 day mark, which isn’t a surprise. I feel mostly the same as I did as soon as the day after I last ejaculated 3 weeks ago. These changes, expecially the last few days:

– if i get aroused during the day, I’ll leak pre cum, even if I am soft
– wake up in the middle of the night with erections that are pretty strong
– get blue balls pretty easily after being aroused if I don’t get a chance to play
– when im really turned on, like before sex im really excited about, it feels almost like a nervous/anxious energy

I was having issues with control around the 3rd week, but that seems to have gotten a bit better. Like I was having pretty strong orgasms and right at the point of no return a lot yesterday, but also didn’t have any close calls.

I’m going to keep going with it and see how it goes. I’m thinking of cumming around the day 34 or 35 mark. The ONLY reason I want to cum is because I think I had better control during sex when I had ejaculated at least once in the past week. But maybe I should use this opportunity as a challenge to really learn better control. I don’t know.

Day 19 of 5th attempt

Everything going well. No wild swings in horniness, energy, or mood.
I did have some sessions this week, and other than that one I mentioned in my last update on Monday where I was soft and things just weren’t working, things have been great. My cock is super sensitive, so when I play with someone they just need to touch me very lightly to get me rock hard and orgasming. Also best to keep the touch to the base part of my cock instead of the top part.

Anyways – I think I’ll make it to 21 days this time for sure. My goal is to get to 34, and then call it quits for a bit. After that, I’ll go back to ejaculating only when the urge is really really really there (or happens accidnetally) which in the past was 1-2 times per week. It’s not a firm plan though – I’m just going to see how things feel once I start ejaculating again and go with the flow.

Day 16 of 5th attempt

Feeling so much better (less horny) today.

Yesterday, most of the day was still feeling in that hyper sexual / hyper horny state. I had a session in the afternoon for about 2.5 hours, then decided to stop cause of timing of other things I had to do. Interestingly, the guy im seeing right now came over and started initiating sex. I got rock hard really fast, and then soft really fast. He was teasing me and playing with my cock for a while, and then we had sex – but things just weren’t working. I was soft the whole time. Did have a few orgasms, but we just decided to stop. I think I just wasn’t in the mood all that much.

Been a calm and cool energy since then, and not as horny. So that pretty much concludes the 2 day EXTRA HORNY period of this attempt. In some ways sad to see it go, but happy to feel a bit more normal and controlled today.

Day 15 of 5th attempt

So it’s been pretty smooth sailing from about Days 0 to 12 or 13 of this attempt. I felt almost the same as I did the whole time on attempt #4.

Something changed on the weekend. I had sex Saturday afternoon, and energy level cooled after a few minutes when we stopped. That was normal (and something I thought i learned during SR, because I used to think Id be frustrated all day, but ive always felt like the energy cools quickly). Then Saturday night I got aroused again right before bed, and fell asleep like that. No dreams that I remember, but I woke up very horny on Sunday and couldn’t get sex off my mind. I had a very good session Sunday afternoon for about 3 hours, but then after when I stopped, the energy didn’t cool. I felt pent up horniness, buzzing, and was having orgasms and nice pleasure waves of feeling all evening, A-less, while doing other things like eating dinner and watching TV.

Monday (today), woke up and thats continuing. Not really walking around with an erection all day or anything like that, but im leaking pre cum all day so far. my underwear is wet, every time i go to the bathroom, i can see ive been leaking a few drops (and i am aroused all day, just not hard).

Day 10 of 5th attempt

The last 10 days have been pretty uneventful. I can’t say I feel significantly different anywhere along the way from Day 0 of this attempt to today, Day 10.

Last night (Tuesday night) had a good session for about 90 min by myself. I was using the Venus 2000 machine again, but since it seems to overstimulate me (2 of my 4 failed attempts were because of that machine!), I tried using it wearing a condom. That worked great. I could let it stroke me for about 10x more without the need to cum. I kept stopping it around an 8/10 or 9/10 to the point of no return. What was interesting in this session was I think I learned a few things about my body and ejaculating:
1 – my head is extremely sensitive. when I focus stimulation on it, the urge to ejaculate comes very fast. wearing a condom really helps.
2 – the feeling of suction or holding a pull on my cock triggers the ejaculation reflex VERY EASILY. for example, I could stop the machine and leave my cock sucked into the receiver. i would relax and the feeling of needing to ejaculate would be very far away. but as I try to pull the machine off my cock, which increases suction to keep it on, the urge to ejaculate increased VERY QUICKLY. i actually couldn’t pull it off my cock like that. i was like as i started to pull, the reflex to ejaculate increased a proportionate amount. if I pulled all the way, i would have blown.

Day 8 of 5th attempt

What a weekend.

I started a session Saturday afternoon and I was close to the point of no return in like 30 seconds. I just couldn’t get away from that, and the entire session was me fighting ejaculating. I got really close at one point and decided it was just safer to stop after about 20 min. But then an hour later I had a session for about an hour and there was no problem, took an hour break, then had sex for two hours and was no problem having control. That was sort of interesting – I can’t remember the last time I had that hard a time with control, but everything seemed fine after I came back to it. I did have some blue balls after sex though (which i had a mild case of a day before, but got to medium intensity after the sex). I thought the blue balls might be because i was having sex without the aneros massaging my prostate. I kept an aneros in the rest of the evening and slept with it it – not sure if that helped, but I woke up Sunday morning with no blue balls.

Sunday was even better. I had a session from 12:45pm to 5:15pm, probably one of my longest ever. And again, amazing control, lots of orgasms.

Day 6 of 5th attempt

Almost a week since I ejaculated. I’ve felt largely the same as I did before I ejaculated. Here’s some observations:

– Thurs and Fri night had a solo session with various Aneros toys in. The sessions felt good, but didn’t result in more than 1 or 2 small orgasms – but over the hour I was feeling a buzzing and enjoyed it. To be honest, I wasn’t trying that hard either. I was just watching TV and enjoying having someting in my butt 🙂 But it’s the first time I can remember in a long time 2 back to back sessions that didn’t really work out.

– Pretty calm energy. No big spikes in horniness. I’m interested in sex, but don’t feel like it’s a primary thought going through my head like it often is.

– I have blue balls today. I suspect it could be because of the two sessions I had the last two days that didn’t result in very much orgasmic reactions, and hence not a lot of pre cum released.

Probably going to have sex this afternoon, but going to focus a lot on relaxing and staying at an 8/10. Hopefully get some blue ball relief from that, but the blue balls right now are pretty minor. I had it on my 1st attempt at this, but didn’t on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Day 2 of 5th attempt

I ejaculated on Sunday.
Monday I was crazy horny all day.
Today (Tuesday), I just feel normal again. Like about the same as I felt everyday the last month (which covered 3rd and 4th attempts). It was only the 1st and 2nd attempts where I noticed big swings in energy. It’s more subtle differences now.

I’m thinking that this attempt is going to be boring. It’s also going to be my last attempt for a while. I think semen retention has lowered my sex drive a bit. Based on my life experience, my sex drive is optimal when I ejaculate 1 or maybe 2 times per week. It’s not a bad thing – I have a lot more calm and cool energy. And it’s nice the last month (I only ejaculated on March 13th and 26th) to have better focus on work and other things. I’ve also been able to have sex whenever I want, and get turned on easily (even if the desire wasn’t there ahead of time). I also seemed to have a new level of control and better able to tell when I’m getting close. Not sure if related to semen retention directly, or just because I’ve been paying a lot of attention to control and separating orgasm from ejaculation.

Either way – my “failures” have been learning experiences. Even if I don’t get to 21 days, I have learned new things trying and observed feelings and moods I might not have paid much attention to otherwise.