Psychedelic breakthrough on edibles

A couple of months ago I purchased a Helix Trident to learn how to have a hands free orgasm. I received the Helix on a Tuesday and practiced every morning with the help of . The practice sessions felt amazing but no where near HFO or Super O’s.

On the weekends I will start my day by eating 20mgs of cannabis gummies with my morning coffee. When they kicked in I slipped in the Helix and put on the noise cancelling headphones and got comfortable on the couch.
If you are not familiar with some brilliant individual created a site that teaches you how to control each individual muscle group in your pelvic region using musical ques and a pleasent AI voice.
One of those lessons is called the Big Squeeze where you flex your base and middle muscle at the same time then relax the base slowly then the middle which causes involuntary muscle contractions.
When I was in the middle of the lesson my mind and body took over. I have been blessed to have had psychedelic breakthroughs on numerous substances but never cannabis. There is something about the prostate and cannabis that caused me to have an out of body experience. I understand why the website creator called it Mindgasm. After I came down and relaxed I laughed out loud at what just happened. I breathed deeply, closed my eyes and flexed again. I was instantly right back in. Fractals and colors that were identical to DMT or mushrooms but I could control it. I could not believe it. After my third go I told myself enough is enough.
Since that day I have tried my damnedest to get to that place while sober but just can not get there. I have since purchased the Progasm and Eupho Trident both of which are amazing.
After finishing all five lessons on the website I have become proficient and now listen to music while having a session which adds a whole nother level.