Progasm jr does nothing to me !

Bought last week the Progasm jr…had great expactations for it.
Im totally addicted to the MGX and Eupho.
So level up for something more…read good things here about the Progasm jr

First session felt good with nice pressure on my prostate and the full feeling….but no auto fuck sessions like the Eupho and MGX.

The second night again…nothing….at the end I simple felt asleep with the Progasm jr in me.
Not even get awake by P-waves or mini O’s wich happens with the Eupho and MGX.

What’s wrong or…is it the mindset ?

Night Session!

Last night went to bed late because of late dinner.
Couldn’t get asleep with loaded stomach so decided to kill time with a Eupho Syn session.
Lubed up and lay on my side and upper leg bent. Relaxed with deep presleep breathing pwaves appear.

I got in the mood now…pulled out my Eupho and slide it in again but with the tip pointing to my back….this gives me a tender but firm pressure on my prostate.
Normaly i can sleep on my stomach in this set up.

But not last night…i felt my prostate had a nice interaction with Aneros.
I felt the toy pressed out while pc muscles pulled it back.
Had to turn on my side again to avoid penis contact with my matras and spoil the moment.

From that moment i felt like had to pee and precum pumped out of my glans with a tremendous orgasm.
I cleaned up but let the Eupho inside felt asleep.

My Progasm session

Last nite I got to bed early with a planned session.
The Progasm was my prostate buddy for this.
Lubed up on my side….and slowly inserted the Progasm.
This needs some patience because of the shape.

This toy is not my most used one..i have to be in a ‘I need to be fucked modus’
With some breath control and pc muscle control my prostate welcomed the partner in crime.
In a few minutes my body was in motion and orgasm after orgasm took over….some more intense with precum drippin out.

I had an agreement with myself for a 2 hour session…because of a lack of sleep.
Other thing is the fact that the Progasm totally worn me out with a lill irritated/pain-ish rectum.
Still totally satisfied.

My session

Since a few days im really into my toys…spring in the air or something.
Last nights I had my MGX as a weapon of choice.
The session goes like this. Lube MGX up with waterbased…cause got all syn versions.
Start on my side with one leg bend to my body and other one stretched.

Slide the toy inside and as a yogi focus on my breathing.
In no time my pc muscles pull the MGX out…the autofuck modus is on.
What follows is a rush never ending of P-orgasms with an intensity I can influence by change position in a kind of doggy style or flat on my back.

This tsunami of P-orgasms treat me till I want to sleep… P-play is like a drug addiction.
When asleep the MGX is still inside me…but as a good 50+ male awake in the night to pee.

Back in bed I turn the page by pull the MGX out and insert again but with the tip pointing to my back.
In this way the curve of the MGX pull a gently
force on my prostate….this works soooo good.

My orgasme are not dry anymore in this setting.
The autofuck modus works again but now gentle flows of precum complete the orgasme.

Still not super O’s but this kind of orgasms are treasures.
During the day I feel my prostate sizzling…craving for more.
Coming night….im gonna check in with my Progasm…its not a pleaser for me like the MGX but I can finish the session with old school jerking and fell asleep satisfied.

My new toy.

Yesterday bought a new aneros toy at the local erotic shop.
The goal was the MGX but the Syn version took me over the edge.

At bedtime I lubed it and slide in….took a few minutes till a rush of p-waves started to make me happy.
My pc muscles make me feel like a girls tongue was teasing my backdoor.

I was too much focused on the ribbed stem wich pleased me soo much…. so couldn’t end with orgasm this time.
But soo happy with this new partner.