Sleeping while in use

So after reading a handful of posts here saying how people have slept with their aneros toy in and woken up in the middle of pleasure waves that lead to an intense orgasm, I wanted to try it for myself since I’ve been rather unsuccessful with my aneros doing much of anything for me so far.

So before I went to bed last night I pre-lubed 3ml with the aneros suggested water based lube and then also coated the toy, inserted, and went to bed.

3 hours later I woke up and was feeling rather sore, especially on the p tab and k tab, and it seems as if most of the lube had dried out. No real pleasure at all aside from the realization that I had in fact had something in my ass for 3 hours which mentally turned me on a bit I guess.

How do people go a full 8 hours of sleep with this in and simultaneously not only feel discomfort but also reach orgasm? I had a very different experience. But truth be told when it’s lubed I hardly feel any sensations from the toy itself anyways so maybe my butt is just broken.