Most recent session..pwaves???

So just had a really good session with the helix syn and have feel like I’ve progressed a huge step today. I haven’t gone to the depths yet and feel like I’m still early on in my journey using these models. usually I get great feelings from my little selection and it ends up with a wet hands free orgasm, today was different I tried to do as minimal and subtle movements as possible. I ended up having an electric shiver type feeling run through my body over and over is this a pwave? I’d never experienced this before, but it felt so good also I was having spasms type feeling through my penis like when you cum but was completely soft. Can someone give me an idea of what I just experienced?

What the hell was that!

What’s up guys a long time lurker but haven’t really had anything to add, especially compared to some of the great sessions you guys seem to have. So anyway on to the reason I’m here..

I’ve been using Aneros and other toys for a long time but never really had any luck with them, small little hints of pleasure and I know these things take time but today was different, I knew I’d finish work early today and had my mind set on a session, so quick shower get set up with a few clips of porn and the helix trident came out, I used a silicone lube today as I felt the water based stuff I use dries out too quickly. All seemed to be the same old for a while but I wasn’t ready to call it quits, I was about an hour into it at this point when suddenly my prostate came alive, the feelings weren’t overwhelming but they were good! This went from good to great and I my stomach felt like it was rippling and twitching as the aneros was bouncing off my prostate, I was shaking and moaning as the feelings got stronger, this went on for about 30 minutes before I accidentally brushed my hand against my sack and before I knew it I was hard as a rock hard having a long drawn out wet orgasm, holy shit it was amazing, I didn’t get hard the whole time until I came but I have never experienced anything like this before, not sure if it was a super o or not but it felt good. To the point I’m now wondering when I can skive off work early again lol. sorry for the long drawn out post but this was a big step for me