OMFG. I am a natural

Less than 24 hours with my Helix Syn and here is my tally;

– first an epic yet traditional orgasm using my hand with the device inserted. Thought it was an awesome aid to my self-help sessions. At first I couldn’t feel much but experimented with positions and hit the sweet spot within 10 minutes.

– next, 3 consecutive hands free, dry orgasms with the Helix, using my hand to position and adjust pressure. The first met all the descriptions of a super o and had colors, patterns and I swear I could feel every note of the music in my prostate. The second two were still incredibly intense and then I felt I needed to shut down because I was so shaky and my heart was racing.

– then while I was recovering, I had an involuntary set of spasms that led to 6 (yeah, I know) totally hands free, Aneros-free dry orgasms with the damned thing lying on the bed next to me. Three waves of 2 each and I swear I had to concentrate not to have any more. I was genuinely scared that I had lost control and would look like I was having seizures the rest of my (blissful) life. But each time a random contraction would set me off for 5-10 minutes of leg shaking, stomach crunching and trying not to scream.