Is there a reliable way of finding method to finding a suitable toy?

I’ve recently begun to explore prostate play and It’s help me had several hands-free orgasms (ejaculatory) by using a small vibrating toy. However, I achieved this by quite aggressive kegel flexing and using my hand to shift the toy around a bit – the opposite of the relaxing approach normally suggested.

This has lead me to the decision to take a more relaxed approach and next time I do any sort of prostate play I plan to take a long shower, smoke a joint and really take my time. However, before I do this I was planning on buying a non-vibrating toy as these seem to be the best for super-Os but I’m having trouble deciding on which one because people often talk about different models working for them differently and I don’t want to spend loads of money on trying to find the right toy. So I’m wondering if there’s any advice on finding my first non-vibrating toy.