Using a bath to practice full muscle relaxation

I made a comment recently about something I began doing in the last two to three months that I got a lot of messages about, and I promised I’d write a standalone post.

That is, using the Aneros in the bath.

Long post ahead!

I’ve been practicing Aneros use for a few years now, and figuring it all out. Mid-2022 I began noticing that I wasn’t actually fully relaxing, even though I would practice the “Do nothing” approach, I wasn’t actually doing nothing. Even while relaxed I would be subconsciously holding a very light contraction the whole time. Once the pleasure would begin, I would totally take over again and be clenching an tensing to try to force the pleasure to grow, only tiring myself out.

A huge leap forward for me was when I began to just try to breath through everything, deep breaths into my belly, so that my stomach rises up. Even actively pushing my belly muscles up. This would free up the important muscles below to do their own thing and huge pleasure would grow. However, when it gets intense, I would still take over and do contractions and end up chasing the pleasure away.

The practice of Aneros for me at the moment is to have discipline and actively try to relax any muscle contractions, no matter how good everything feels. To keep breathing deeply through everything and constantly letting everything be fully relaxed. If a muscle tenses, I try to release it as much as possible. This makes everything insanely intense as it is. So pushing that further and further is my gameplan.

Should I buy Helix and MGX?

Hi everyone, just looking for people’s thoughts.

I have the Eupho Trident, Maximus Trident and the Progasm ice. I like these for their varying sizes, and they all give me crazy good times in their own ways.

I have the Helix and the MGX (both Trident) in my cart but hesitant to purchase in case they’re overly similar to the ones I have. Like, are the stem grooves noticeable on the MGX? Is there any need to get the Helix now that I’m perfectly proficient with the ones I have, knowing that the Helix can be known as the usual beginner model?

Any opinions greatly appreciated. Have a great day!

does anyone else ever get to the point where they thank their younger selves?

Often times after an intense session, while cleaning up or packing away everyrhing I find myself thinking, “oh wow, thank god I began this journey all these years ago. I’m proud and thankful for my younger self for coming across this and engaging in it, and giving it all this time so that now, at this age, I can have these incredible experiences, that not every man gets to enjoy in his lifetime.

I started at about 21, and now at 31 I’m having sessions that last four hours that go by in the blink of an eye, but it’s four hours of earth shattering pleasure and I know how my friends talk about masturbation and its always very flippant. And how they have no idea about this, as I’ll often drop little hints to see if anyone else is a secret Aneros user.

Basically, I’m just glad I began this and every moment of the journey has been worth it. I read a lot of forum posts where people say “Aneros? Used it once, did nothing so I chucked it in the bin” and I always smile and think, awh man…how wrong you were.

Big thanks to this community too!

I’m not sure if I’m just too scared or?

I’ve had a knockoff prostate massager for about 6 years (Divine touch by Shots toys) which was great and really got me into the whole prostate massaging thing, then a few months ago I finally got around to purchasing a real Aneros and decided on the Progasm Ice. This really (obviously) kicked things up a gear and with all the practice with a cheap toy, the real massager has taken me to ridiculous levels in such a short space of time. So much so that every time I get a new higher level feeling I think “It can’t get any higher than this” and it always does. However, with the pleasure being that high and still feeling like I have not ever achieved anal orgasm, wet-o or super-O that I think Subconsciously I might be holding myself back out of fear of feeling that much pleasure for some reason. As If I’m going to fall off the bed or scream too loudly or something.
Does anybody experienced remember how they felt mentally before reaching their very first super-o, anxious, excited or otherwise? And how did you overcome any fear? Really appreciate your wealth of knowledge on here. Thank you!