Hypothyroid/ testosterone issues and Aneros

Hi everyone, I’ve been using the helix syn for about 6-8 weeks and I freaking love it. I spent a few weeks self/ jackhammering myself with it and now I’ve been practicing mindgasm probably too regularly so I’m taking a break at the moment. My ass was telling me it’s tired I think lol. Haven’t had the famous super o yet but had plenty of involuntaries and P waves ( I think)I’ve been no nut/ no porn for a while too and only reserve cannabis use for sessions (what I really like is LSD with it) I don’t have a partner for sex atm but for some reason I’ve been very gregarious and have a couple hookups pending after a long time… like 4 years..
Here are my questions: would low testosterone/ having problems with quality of erection make a difference in your prostate health and ability to sustain massage? I have tried it with dick pills and actually it seems to be more pleasurable but also stimulating my dick from the inside and having it get super hard is mentally pleasurable as well. I’m about to get started with hormone therapy and I hope I’m in the right track here.
Also: would having a depressed thyroid function/ and neuropathy in extremities have much of an effect with results? It could be down to hashimitos , other inflammation disease or even parathyroid tumour, which I definitely have. I live in Canada so having a decent doctor actually help you and order tests and keep track of your levels is nearly impossible. They tend to wait until it’s too late. So the tests I need are coming on my own dime and 800$ later. Imagine a doctor telling you that the Lima- bean sized tumour in your neck is “probably fine” and they’ll look at it in a year’s time.
Third: I’ve lost over 100 lbs and now don’t smoke and work out and eat like an athlete but I still have about 80 lbs to go and muscle to build hopefully when my hormones work out better and chronic pain is better. Does being overweight affect the position of the Aneros and what it can hit inside? I think the tabs are hitting in a relatively blubber- free area but not sure how obesity would affect me inside. It feels great but like many, I’m hoping to hit that super O sooner rather than later. I know, I know… it’s a process… I have just received the program jr and the mgx but haven’t tried them yet except for slipping them in a little the other day when my butt told me it was nice but it was tired… kinda wish I got the bigger progasm. Sorry long post.