I think I had an orgasm but I don’t know why exactly happened. And I’ll be in I think I have a Super T!!!

Hey guys.

The last night I had a section for about 2 hours it was nice and relaxing. (Quick that background it’s been a stressful week at work. Plus I haven’t worked one out in a couple days.) So got myself ready and started meditating and relaxing. Fast forward a bit. I had a P wave and felt really good. Fast forward a bit more. I have another one. Shortly after that I was really really really relaxed and I f—ing fell asleep.

This wasn’t the end though I’m woke up about 10 minutes later. Reliance crap I fell asleep. In started back at it. This is where it gets odd for me.

When I was stretching and yawning. I began to start shaking. Not the shaking with stretching. I was shaking!!! The first thought was what the hell’s going on. And this field okay. Then it stop.

So what’s that orgasms!!!???

Then near the end I change position to downward dog and it felt really nice. I moved mine ass in a rocking motion and it felt really good. Then picked up the motion a little bit more. It started feeling really good. Then I realized you might cuming???

After having this feeling of cuming.” I’m like okay that felt really freaking good.” Then it felt like I had with a wave of pleasure which knock me mentally on my ass. I had to literally lay down. Fast forward a bit. I started to clean up and I am looked at the towel I had underneath me. There was a good bit cum.

My first P wave today I thank! How do I get to an orgasm?

About 10 minutes in today. I’m starting to get a warm tingly sensation all over my body and my heart rate went up. I believe this might have been a P wave. During this time I lost that mental connection.
HELP I was so freaking close according to some stuff I researched.