Need help reaching HFWO

I’ve had a recent success reaching my first HFDO with my firtst Aneros toy, the new Progasm. I think that my HFDO success was obtained because I just stayed as calm as I could and concentrated hard on not clenching my pc muscles as is customary just before reaching PONR in penile orgasm.

Looking forward, I would like to reach a HFWO but I’m not shure how to proceed. I’m afraid if I clench my pc muscles in hope of reaching HFWO instead of HFDO I’ll just ruin everything. Also, can you reach a HFWO while being flaccid? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Finally went over the edge

Today was my 4th solo session with the new Progasm. I’m 65 but just started PP 2 months ago. I’ve been at it almost every other day. Today it hit me out of nowhere, the pleasure was slowly building up but this time instead of fading away it felt like my whole pelvic floor dropped to my knees and the convulsions started and lasted for at least 20 seconds.

I was shaking all over my body from head to toe. I felt I should stop but remembered the advice from other more experienced pros and I kept at it and in no time I got 2 more HFDO and decided to stop because I felt exhausted. As others have said, when you get your first one, you will definitely know that it was a HFDO, there is no doubt in my mind that it was the super-O. I think I’ve just experienced what women feel when they orgasm.
I feel very lucky because I’ve read that a lot of folks have to work at it for a much longer time. I’m very grateful for all the good advice I got from this community and r/prostateplay. I’ll try my best to help others in their journey.

Super t with new Prograsm

65 M here. Just started PP two months ago. Quickly graduated from wife fingers, to small dildo to Njoy pure wand knock-off.

Was getting very pleasurable waves but no super-o with the Njoy. I decided to try out Aneros, got the new Progasm Ice 3 days ago. Incredible feelings from that toy.
Tried it out with my wife last night. I was literally in heaven. Every feeling was enlightening like 10 fold. I couldn’t believe it, I felt like I was with a woman for the first time at age 18. I was hard as a rock, every touch of my balls, nipples, frenulum sent tingles all over my body. She finished me with the best HJ in years. I was shooting all over the place.

Now I’m worried that the novelty will wear off and that I won’t be able to get such intense feelings the next time. Any thoughts on my apprehensions would be appreciated.