Kratom and kava

I have seen some discussion of using these on forums, but they seem outdated and there really isn’t a lot of opinions.

I am wondering if anyone has any experiences using these during sessions?

I take both regularly, and I’m wondering if they are helping or not in my sessions. I always smoke before, that definitely helps lol

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Been getting different orgasms with different techniques?

So I am getting pretty good at using my aneros by doing the tug of war and the do nothing techniques, pretty damn good orgasms 😝

But lately I have also been thrusting the air after I’m tired/coming to an end of session, and the feelings I get is more full body, and not so much my prostate. I am thinking when I get better at this I will either have a wet orgasm or prostate orgasm. I’ll have to find out haha, but any comments would be appreciated 🙂

Anyone else get different results with different techniques? Also, does moaning help you guys a lot? I’ve recently started doing it into a pillow, but I’m afraid to be too loud haha