Question about the Peridise

Just got a Peridise set. Just wanted to know if yours too are saying Peristal on the molded logo or not? I am aware of HIH and their product lineup, but seems odd that their Aneros products is branded this way…

First Experiences and Some Questions

Just wanted to briefly share some of my first experiences with prostate massaging and Aneros.
Have now had two sessions with the MGX and must say I am really looking forward for the journey ahead.
After first insertion, I wasn’t even sure any prostate contact was made (though a slow drip of liquid was present), but continued with contraction exercises just as described around the Aneros community. It felt enjoyable throughout but after around an hour I felt some tingles around the upper parts of my body, just as before a regular penile climax. As this happened, my mind went “this is only my first session, nothing should be happening already”, which made the feelings disappear. Lasted for around a second or so. Could this be described as a P-wave? Continued for around an hour more, without anything special happening. Things to note was the P-tab which wasn’t too comfortable, and the neck of the plug which felt a bit itchy.

Fake Aneros?

Just received my Progasm in the mail. Considering Aneros products are usually packed in fancy boxes, this seemed a bit weird to me. Can anyone confirm Aneros actually packaging their products this way?

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