My first Prostate Toy! :)

Here is my first prostate toy! Cock and Ball Ring with multiple vibrations ?

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ExperienceS so far…..

Found it takes some time to ease it in there! Must be turned on! ? once in feels like a PERFECT FIT!
VIBRATIONS ARE AWESOME! (Slow, medium, fast??, pulse??, faster pulse, variations of starting and stopping and different speeds????)

Cock ring a Lil too tight for me! Balls fit one ball at a time! ??


But… Having some trouble having an actual PROSTATE ORGASM… (Have a few body shakes here and there tho so I guess that’s good right??)

Orgasm/ejaculation is achieved through jacking off!!!
Don’t know if I get too excited/NERVOUS (feel like it’s gay or something for some reason LOL I know!

When I do EJACULATE it is weak/weaker than than normal would be just regularly Jacking off!! (Think I am too NERVOUS/anxious/EXCITED ?? too said reasons above!) *mostly anxious/nervous/ self conscious I guess)

Want to experience mind blowing orgasm HANDSFREE and have a huge Load/NUT???

NEED advice/ help?????

Thanks everyone!!!

Straight white male if that means anything!!!HaHa