My first bllog entry

I came to bed. My wife was already in bed, resting. I politely suggested that I would like to try out my Aneros Helix again, and continue my experiment. I didn't ask for any participation, just permission to give it a go and continue my experiment.

First, I got all my supplies. Then I began my mindfulness meditation. Got very comfortable and warm in bed, under the warm duvet. Then once I was really warm and really relaxed, I began. I prepared "the area" with a proper amount of lubrication. I lubricated the Helix. And slid it in.

I took the time to become comfortable. I became aware of the Helix inside. I continued my mindfulness meditation, focusing on the breath, and I became totally relaxed and warm and focused with no distractions. No sounds. No visual distractions. Completely quiet. At peace. Very Quiet. I slowed my breathing way way down. Then once comfortable, I began my muscle contractions. I lay on my back and gently move a big pillow under my lower-back, with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I begin my contractions and releasing, in sync with my breathing. I thrust my hips up and down with my contractions and breathing rhythm. I breath in, contract, raise hips. Hold. Breath out, release lower hips. Pause. Then repeat. Not too forceful. Gently. Very gently. Just getting into a rhythm. In sync with my breathing and my contractions. I do a "set", Nice and slow, breathing in and out slowly, focusing on the breath and focusing on the contractions.