K-tab and pilonidal abcess

Hey guys,

I've been an aneros user for a little over a year, and the journey has been amazing. I'm moving my way up to comfortable pegging with my gf, and I'm looking to purchase a new aneros to help me along with the experience. I currently own an mgx and a helix classic. I'd like to move to a bigger size for a "fuller" experience. My first thought is the progasm, but I have a problem. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with a pilonidal abcess. Google if you need to know what it is. It was an incredibly painful experience, and the last thing I need is a repeat of that situation. I'm worried that the k-tab on the progasm might exacerbate the situation. Are there any pilonida aneros users out there, and have they had any experience with problems due to the k-tab? Should I just settle for a maximus?