What model to get as a beginner?

I want that orgasm everyone here is talking, but I don’t know which model to get. I’ve used fleshjack dildos (Cade Maddox has been the biggest one I used if you ever seen it you know) so I’m no stranger to girth or length. I’m planning on ordering from Luxury Toy X so preferably something on that site.

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Which one to buy and how to start

I’ve been thinking about getting an aneros for a while, but what finally made me want to really get one was seeing this Asian guy on pornhub that uses it and the way he orgasms while using it looks amazing and being able to orgasm without ejaculation sounds interesting. I’ve used dildos before and a butt plugs so I’m not new to having stuff up there, but I’m not sure which one I should try or what do once it’s inside. Hope you guys can give me some info 🙂

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