good vibes

Have been having a few more experimental sessions with the vibrating beads and tonight I managed to find the best position to use the vibrator,on my back with with knees bent but legs spread and a cushion under my bottom and with 2 beads inserted and the third just outside my sphincter and fourth and battery pack outside I found this was the right counter balance weight to start the contractions the vibrator sent on slowest speed got me started slowly tickling the prostate then it started to feel like it wasslowly moving in and out I had a mirror and actually checked to see if what i felt was happening was and the 3rd gead was sliding slowly in my spincter I laid back and let go, the vibrating and the sliding was getting wild I was in rapture wave after wave then orgasm after orgasm over and over then i laid there and the vibrations would ignite it over and over until I felt the 3rd bead suck right in and nail me into a super o and it kept happening deep breaths then bliss and quiet rapture then bang heart rate up whole body taught bliss .I’ve had super o’s before but never like these they were bang then bliss with silence and then from nowhere bang bliss rapture like the quiet before a storm in between each one ,I must have been in a daze almost a trance as I thought it had been a good 30 mins since the orgasms started but after I managed to stop it was 2 hours later than i thought .

new toy

Fancied a change recently and decided to get some vibrating beads to add to my collection of aneros toys. Tried a few positions ect but ended up doggy style but angling downwards and with three of the beads in me and one outside my hole had the vibe on slowest speed ,my muscles started kicking in after a bit and starting sucking the last bead in like a lollipop ,man this felt good my inner and outer sphincters were slowly contracting the beads across my anal canal and the vibes were also flowing up and down me it built up till my sphincter started pulsing and convulsing on the beads i was screaming in rapture over and over my anal canal was exploding .In the end I had to stop i was exhausted ,first time i’ve used a vibrating toy and never expected the beads to act like a massager I think the vibes really help trigger the anal orgasms as I have had them before with the tempo but not so quickly.

up the tempo

Been re discovering the tempo again the last few sessions and tonight after a week off riding I fancied some fun. The tempo is so easy just a small amount of coconut oil insert and let the pendulum swing .I have found that on all fours facing down knees bent is the way to go and adjusting the angle of your back to get the counter balance weight of the stainless steel rocking, once it started i breathed in and out into my anal canal through deep belly breathing and felt the tempo sliding in and out of my anal canal whilst the bulbous end and smaller balls teasing my anal tract and sphincters the pleasure just grew with each stroke and the pleasure seemed to echo from inside me through to my butt hole which was sucking on the end ball like a lollipop and quivering in rapture , i was shrieking into some cushions as the tempo gathered pace it really is fast the orgasms were firing through me like a chain reaction from inside to out ,these orgasms just keep coming without and perenium tab the tempo is relentless , the last orgasms i had felt like a shockwave slowly blasting through my anus screaming out my hole at the end , I had to stop i was done . The tempo is now my firm favourite my progasm, eupho ,pro jnr are great in their own ways for the prostate but the tempo just feels so great for pure anal pleasure. Can’t wait for the next ride .