Would a vibrating toy have quicker results?

Ok I know that sounds impatient and that this sort of thing doesn’t just happen overnight for most guys. I’m not looking for a shortcut to super O, but I’ve been using my helix classic about 2 times a week for months and things haven’t progressed much at all. Insertion and contractions are pleasurable, but it seems the longer it’s in the weaker things get until I don’t feel much at all. Like it’s fading instead of building. I know that super O’s can be a long journey and I’m not expecting that to just happen, but I’m not experiencing any of the “stepping stones” that a lot of people mention here either.

I’m pretty sure the classic isn’t making good contact with my prostate though. When I angle it up or push it in further it starts feeling really good again. But I can’t hold it there for very long. Do I need a different kind of toy (bigger or vibrating) or am I just being impatient?