Core exercises enhanced my pleasure or was anterior pelvic tilt blocking progress?

I was doing some exercises to fix my anterior pelvic tilt (glute bridges, posterior tilting, lunges, etc.). It’s only been a few days so I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I started having intense tremors in my pelvis. I think these are involuntary contractions. It’s so easy to relax and build pleasure from them. It was actually kind of hard to make go to sleep cuz they were so distracting. I’ve been playing around with Aneros for 4 months and progress was stagnating. I mostly worked on building control and awareness of all the separate muscles, but it was really hard to get involuntaries, or build up any intense pleasure. Aneros strengthens the pelvic floor, but I guess it’s also important to pay attention to the glutes and abdominals since they are close by they might play a part in prostate orgasms. Or maybe this is more specific to my experience since my APT was making it impossible to relax some of my muscles.