Could my hypertension meds impact my sessions

I’ve had a few successes with various models of the aneros over the last 10 years but never consistently finding I’m having an orgasm.

I recently started on Prazosin for hypertension and when reading up on the medication discovered it’s used for prostate issues as well. It works by relaxing relaxing the muscles in the prostate gland and I’m wondering if this could have an impact or help improve my sessions?

Progress with weed and Progasm

I’ve been trying the aneros on and off for close to 10 years now with mixed success. I feel like I had something like an orgasm or possibly an orgasm a few years ago but have struggled to replicate that experience since.

The first time I felt what I think was an orgasm I had been doing a session for around 3 hours with the original helix model and I felt what started to feel like a regular orgasm building but it started to spread. The sensation started in the tip of my penis then spread outwards envolping my legs and whole abdomen. I haven’t experienced anything like that since until recently.

I think the main sticking point for me has been trying to relax, it’s hard to find time to do a session let alone drop everything else going on in my head to enjoy it. I’ve also tried multiple models with varying degrees of success. I now have a helix, helix syn, eupho, progasm, an njoy wand and a few different vibes.

I recently decided to try and throw weed into the mix and see if that helped.


I’ve tried a few sessions with some great results feeling waves of pleasure eminating out of my prostate and periods where I feel like I get consumed by it all and almost black out.