How do you know you’ve triggered involuntaries?


I’ve been struggling for a while to produce involuntaries, but I think I’ve managed to do it. The key for me was instead of holding the pelvic floor “in” I did a light push “out” and held it, which produces what feels like a gentle pounding inside. The frequency is around around 2 per second or so and it doesn’t really feel like I’ve lost control of my muscles… in fact I sometimes try to relax through it (release my light push out) and the effect continues despite everything being relaxed. Also it doesn’t necessarily lead to more pleasure right way or the “build up” feeling which is sometimes unrelated to the “pounding”. However it seems like I haven’t found the correct position for my aneros yet so that may be an issue.

So my question is:

1. How do involuntaries feel to you?
2. How do you trigger them (what muscles do you use if any?)
3. Am I on the right track?