Amazed by what happens

My session today was about my normal length, although I usually do 2 or 3 sessions every day. I have alot of time on my hands. I am constantly amazed how my Super-O's manifest themselves. It seems every day they are different. Although I own the Progasm, MGX and Helix, I have become almost solely a Helix user. Today I inserted the Helix and as usual the sensations started imediately. Within 15 minutes I had the first Super-O, followed by a few more over the next 45 minutes with varying degrees of intensity. My Super-O's have no shaking or jerking, just an amazing intense orgasm that at times makes me yell to stop. But it won't. Well, today I went onto my stomach with my legs close to each other. I felt the orgasm building deep inside me. My head came up and my back arched and the orgasm started, then my anus pulled the Helix deeper inside me than I have felt. I went ballistic as wave after wave came over me while the Helix took so much precum out of me that I thought I had pissed the bed. It pulled my ass down which seemed to arch my back more. This lasted for about 20 minutes and I was spent.