Is This What A Prostate Orgasm Is?

I purchased the Aneros Progasm years ago, and it took me a few months to unlock its full potential, as I wasn’t using it frequently enough to get acquainted with the toy. One day, I decided to try relaxing as much as I could while doing nothing to help my prostate out besides gentle kegels, making the toy nuzzle against my prostate. This approach eventually made me start spasming uncontrollably, and ultimately, led to me finishing by stroking my cock until I had a wet orgasm.

Most recently, I’ve been slowly inserting the Progasm while deeply breathing and relaxing as much as possible. I don’t know what happened after my first positive experience with this toy, but it’s common for my body to start convulsing before the Progasm is even fully inserted, it feels like I’m cumming in a different way, and this feeling hits me in waves. During my last session, I started uncontrollably shaking while the Progasm was halfway inside me. Eventually the toy pulled itself fully inside me, leading to an eye-rolling experience. I could literally feel my dry orgasms oscillating like a sine wave; there would be a slow crescendo that would cause my whole lower half to shake untreatably, followed by a gentle release, only until the toy rested on my prostate again which would start the entire process over. The peaks felt like they were lasting for 45-60 seconds at a time, it was truly unbelievable.