Help on progressing [Question]

Hi so I would consider myself an intermediate aneros user, been using mine on and off for about 2 years while including the use of porn in my sessions. Today I decide to go without porn to feel out the vibes and I experienced what I hope was my first P Wave, if felt as if the aneros was going in and out on its own causing pleasure every time it moved, all while my legs were shaking and I felt tingles all over my face and body. This was my first time experiencing this but have not been able to recreate it. Later on in my session I tried but just got an erection and got the usual feelings of my prostate swelling against the aneros and forcefully pressing against it (this usually leads to a HFWO which I don’t want). Does anyone have any advice on how I can recreate and grow from that experience? Thank you.

TL;DR: Had my first P Wave, couldn’t recreate it where do I go from here.