Can you describe what a Super O feels like?

I want to hear what people here who’ve achieved it have to say about what it’s like to get one of these. Whenever I get them, I feel like my mind is being torn apart and all the endorphins are just rushing out.

Mouth dries out during Super O

I've been addicted to the Aneros since I've reached the Super O. It's literally out of this world, but I've noticed my mouth gets extremely dry after sessions. Is this a common thing? I'm always really thirsty even if I have a brief <60 min session.

I just had a Super O!

After about a week from getting my aneros, I've finally experienced it. I was focusing on the feeling of my muscles gripping and moving the thing around until I reached the point of no return. I found the first orgasm somewhat lackluster but then another one hit me and another until I was moaning and grunting and howling. I started humping the air and my cock felt so sensitive to everything. This went on for about 40 minutes or so. I was soaked in precum by the end of my session.

Honestly, though, what really threw over the edge was letting go and being relaxed. I just went with every feeling. I'm dead silent usually but that feeling will reduce you to an animal and I love it. Worth every penny.

(P.S. Is it normal to still feel tremors after you've finished?)