Introducing the Helix Syn Trident!

This week Aneros is proud to announce the release of our new Helix SynTrident series Male G-spot massager. The introduction of the Helix Syn Trident represents the synthesis of our most popular series of products with our newest design innovations.

An Original Syn

As many of you know, the original Syn series models were hybrid devices combining the firmness of our rigid massagers with the softness and luxuriant feel of velvet smooth silicone. These products featured all the performance aspects of our solid, Acetal based models with the softness and comfort of a high grade silicone.

New Standards

Shortly after the release of the Trident series it was clear we had reached a milestone in Aneros development led by our new Multi-Axial Motion (balancing) architecture. Prior to this point, all Aneros products moved in two planes, along the Z-axis (in and out) and along the Y-axis (up and down). With MAMA ™ we were able to create movement along the X-axis (side to side) as well. Simply put, this new range of motion produced more sensations. At the same time the Tridents introduced a new arm/tab configuration that improved P and K-spot stimulation with greater responsiveness.

A New Syn

Natural Movement

Early on the journey to achieving Super-Os it’s very important to understand the concept of Aneros-driven “Natural Movement.” Massages can be given in a variety of ways but what’s common to every kind of massage is the repetitive cycle of pressure and release. One needs both for pleasure, tension release, and muscle relaxation, and in the case of the prostate, stimulation. Prostate massage is no different – a prostate massager needs to be able to firmly apply and release pressure on the prostate for effective and pleasurable stimulation. The Aneros was designed to do this in the most natural way possible – hands-free only through the body’s own anal sphincter muscle contractions, with “natural” being the key word.

The general shape of Aneros knock-off prostate massagers is like ours but due to a lack of true understanding about the male anatomy users have to manipulate these products by hand. Manual massage is still a method of massaging and therefore can provide stimulation but there are huge differences between a manual massage and the hands-free stimulation that our models provide.

The first and obvious differences are comfort and ease of use. When you have to manually use an anal device you are limited to a certain number of comfortable positions. Hands and knees? Well, one hand and knee is fine until you realize that you need to do more one-armed push-ups to stay in that position for longer. With an Aneros prostate stimulator you can use your bedroom as a Twister board of possibilities for enjoying a session because all you need to do is contract and relax your anal sphincter muscles. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more conducive the environment is for amazing pleasure.