Indirect p-stimulation

In case you missed the wiki, prostate stimulation should be done gently and it takes time to feel the sensations and orgasm. This may seem frustrating to beginners, so I’m happy to present an alternative method for gently stimulating your p-spot.

This works best if you have a small/narrow massager like the helix or eupho. You want something that flexes a bit and just rubs the p-spot. You don’t want to feel like a stuffed turkey for this method.

Use plenty of line, then insert the massager. Place a pilow under your buttocks to lift it off the bed. Lay back and relax. Bend your knees to a comfortable position if desired.

To indirectly stimulate your p-spot, you want to gently press the *soft spot* above your pubic bone. You can press a little and jiggle it like jelly, it even light push and pull. This puts a little bit of pressure on your bladder, which in turns presses your prostate against the massager. Find the pressure that works for you, but in general less pressure gives more prostate sensation and your legs will feel like jelly.

I can get an erection in less than a minute with this trick and orgasm like crazy.