3rd time lucky….?

So as so many others here I’ve been lurking for a while and finally took the leap last month and purchased an Helix Syn… I have some experience from previous anal play with toys etc but really wanted to give this a shot.

So all my sessions have been somewhat successful, having said that I am no where near an orgasm or anything but enjoying the ride so to speak. I have read most of the recent posts on here and sort of ‘done my research’ however there is one thing that is not 100% clear to me that I would like to ask…

During my first two sessions I didn’t feel a great deal but after sort of 45 min I started to feel ‘full’ I assume this means the prostate is ‘active’?

Anyway on my third session after about 20 min all of a sudden during a light ‘keagel squeeze’ I started to have involuntaries… which felt great however only lasted for about 30 sec to a minute… is it this state I want to maintain? And if so how?

Thankful for any input! Cheers!