Wow, just wow.

Bought the helix syn just under a month ago, on the 5th session.

1 and 2 were more getting to understand how it felt etc, 3+4 not much, made me wonder if it was even working or not, but today…


Had the morning, decided to have a session, decided to try some weed to see if it helped. If what I just experienced wasn’t a super o I can’t comprehend whats to come. I was panting almost, holding onto the bed, muscles all over rigid, tingling in fingertips, toes and everything in-between and an intense pleasure nothing like normal masturbation, even after that sensation stopped the tingling carried on. If the super o checklist on the wiki is accurate then the only thing I didn’t get was hard.

I was on the fence about getting the Aneros, I’ve never even done any anal play with my fiancee or anything, but holy shit, what have I been missing out on!

I don’t know if what I am doing is the ‘right’ way or not but if today is anything to go by its working for me.

For anyone still on the fence or new like me, some things I’ve noticed that helped me might be worth a go.

Firstly, make sure the skin under the P tab has no lube on it, it needs to be dry. My 3rd session I didn’t realize and I think its one of the reasons I got the dud session.