Interested beginner with a question

Hi there. I've known about Aneros for a while but never really read into their products until recently and I feel it's something I'd like to try out.

My main question is mostly about which model to get, I'm open to getting advice and opinions from everyone who visits here.

While I'm not a 100% newbie to this type of thing, my main concern is my height. I've read that while the Helix is a lot more beginner friendly, it might not work for taller people. I'm quite a bit over 6' tall, so I'm wondering if the Progasm would be a better option, even though it's for more intermediate users.

By all means, if someone can convince me that the Helix (or Syn alternate) will work out for taller people and will hit all the spots it needs to despite my height, then that's probably what I will be going with, but I am open to suggestions.