Physical and mental relaxation after sessions (x-post from /r/ProstatePlay)

Set up a throwaway just to post this as I don’t want my main account history linking to some NSFW stuff.

I’ve recently got into using the Aneros. I’m still not making much headway towards reaching pgasms *but* I’m getting used to the feelings. I end things in the conventional way … and the feelings are definitely amplified.

The one thing I have noticed so far is that I seem to be nicely relaxed for hours after a session.

My theory is that it kicks off a really great endorphin boost that is simply more powerful than what would be achieved through sex.

Important context: I suffer from mild occasional anxiety and depression. So mental health can be a struggle for me at times. But when I use this thing, I feel kind of blissed out and physically relaxed for the rest of the day. Hard to describe, but it’s a nice feeling.

Anyone else connect with what I’m talking about? Pretty sure it’s more than placebo