First Super O

Finally had my first super O last night and it was intense, and I owe it all to marijuana. I recently got into weed and it has really helped me make progress. My 3rd time pairing my sessions with weed, I started having my first HFDO’s; it was also my first time using coconut oil as lube. I was using my Helix Syn V and had it at the lowest intensity, 2nd pattern. The weed heightened the sensation and really helped me focus directly on the pleasure coming from my prostate, which led to some dry O’s. The day after this session, I felt like my prostate was craving more, which was a new feeling for me. I decided to go with it and have another session, this time without weed. Instead of chasing an orgasm, I decided to focus on staying relaxed and really focus on the feelings coming from my prostate. I felt more in touch with it than I had before using weed. I had a couple more sessions like this over the week where I would just focus on getting in touch with my prostate and identify the feelings it was giving. But then last night I decided to pair my session with weed again now that I was more in touch with my prostate. I used my Helix Syn V again with the same settings, and let it go for 40 mins to wake up my prostate while I watched a show on Hulu. After this I took some hits off my weed pen and started to focus on the feelings. Pretty soon I could feel the pleasure building and I had a dry orgasm that before it could end chained into a 2nd dry orgasm that was even stronger. Several mintues later this happened again, I had 3 dry orgasms that chained into each other and grew in intensity each time. I was in heaven, and while it was happening I was thinking that maybe these were Super O’s. But then the 3rd dry O chained into the most intense orgasm of my life. I was gripping the back of my couch with all my strength as my body convulsed uncontrollably, just lost in the pleasure that just seemed to keep growing. It lasted for what felt like minutes as I just kept convulsing, moaning, and whimpering uncontrollably. I was flaccid during the dry O’s, but at some point during the super O I got rock hard and starting cumming so hard it felt like I was peeing cum. When it all faded I just lay there breathing heavily in disbelief at what had just happened. People always say you will know without a doubt when you have a super O, and they are 100% right. After a couple minutes of recovery from my super O, I kept going and had a couple more dry orgasms that I could tell would build up into another super O if I stuck with it, but my body felt so tired so I just jacked off for 2 more regular orgasms cause I was still horny. The whole session was about 2 and half hours and I had 6 or 7 dry orgasms, 2 normal orgasms, and a super orgasm. I removed the aneros and it felt like my prostate was buzzing for a while afterwards, and my legs felt trembly and shakey for the rest of the night. It was an amazing experience unlike anything I ever imagined and I can’t wait for my next session. So happy to have made so much progress so fast.