I have been having sessions lately that are so different from the rest, different as in… i feel so much more, in fact lots more.

As soon as i insert a device it seems to quickly, within seconds, put into an orgasmic state.

i find it puzzling when people state “i had several orgasms” or i had “two super-o’s” for me, you see, I get this over arcing orgasm that doesnt stop, not ever it feels like. Yes there are ups and downs with feelings, but when i have an ‘orgasm’ it lasts minutes at a time, maybe 5-6.

I had one session today that was my most intense. I got into the orgasmic state which then went away, but then after a while it came back and was so strong that i felt i was going to shoot, but i stayed at this point of intensity for ages! its almost hard to bare….

I do feel this is as a result of a very intense, wonderful blowjob session i recieved the previous night whereby i felt my prostate swell and spread warmth throughout my body.

Session 18/08/16

Did this on a whim really, was taking pics of my penis and got really turned on, had a headache to so thought it wouldnt go anywhere. Watching some aneros porn i found myself again having a really strong series of prostate orgasms and a number of anal ones as well! this was using the tempo whislt lying on my front with a pillow underneath me.

Also i found that this session required a little light contraction hold to get the muscles and prostate pulsing, which when it did i would release the contraction and let it orgasm, then repeat.

I changed to the helix classic and once again got the same, many more anal electric filling my ass feelings as well. Lovely. Still feel its stops short of being satisfied though.

Session 17/08/16

I had one session on 15/08 and then another 16/08. The first session resulted in very little feeling, however it acted in such a way to get my prostate ‘warmed up’ and was arousal building as was the slighty more successful session on 16/08.

Decided to have a session in the moring on 17/08. I feel that this is key as i am more awake and aroused at this time.

Using: Aneros Tempo

Very strong feelings, lovely, this stopped after 15 mins ending with my whole ass buzzing, being filled with this electric buzz and concluded that this was an anal orgasm.

Next Session, about 1 hr later: Helix Classic

Wow! anal pulsing and orgasm after orgasm wonderful!

Stopped after like 15 mins as well, but felt really satisfied.

3rd session with a eupho classic later on was not as pleasant, overdid it.