After weeks of not using the Aneros, I finally did just now, and my I got further with this session than I ever did. Just not there yet, sadly.

It’s been weeks since I last used my Aneros. Possibly 2 months. I had kind of given up. I haven’t done much anal play either with my dildo or nJoy Pure Wand. Been sticking to traditional masturbation for the post part. I guess I got too frustrated trying to have an anal/prostate orgasm.

But, recently I wanted to play with my ass once again. Just a sudden urge that came up.

Today I was too lazy to use the dildo or nJoy Pure Wand. And I was in a very “feminine” mood. Like, for some reason I wanted to play with my prostate. So I took out my Helix, lubed it up, and stuck it in.

First let me say that a few days ago I read somewhere on this thread some advice. One part of the advice was too “deep breath into my balls”. Which I immediately started doing. I didn’t do any contractions at all. Just deep breaths and relaxing on my side. One thing I noticed within a few minutes was my rectum was getting worked up a bit. Like, I was focusing on the sensation and could feel my blood rushing around in there. As a result, involuntarily contraction started.

Now I’ve done involuntarily contraction before, but it was always done mediocrely. However this time it was very consistent. This caused the Aneros to really get worked up in there. I kept focusing down there and kept the contraction going involuntarily by doing the deep breaths.

How do you make you nipples sensitive?

I hear a lot of people stimulate their nipples and can even cum from them alone. But I don’t even feel anything. At least, not stimulating alone. Yesterday I was rubbing my nipples and starting masturbating. I ended having a very intense orgasm. Could nipple stimulation played a huge part. But if I stimulate them alone, I won’t feel anything. How do I fix this? Are there any type of exercises?

I ask this community because it seems like Aneros users tend to do lots of nipple stimulation.

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I had a pretty pleasurable session last time.

Last time must’ve been my 8th or 9th (I’ve lost track to be honest haha) session. This time, I decided to put some mild pornography. What I mean by mild is that I didn’t put pornography from a porn site like PornHub or XNXX. I put on some late night movie from the HBO GO app. For the most part I wasn’t really watching, just had it there in the background and would only really take a glance (I try not my best not too masturbate too porn much nowadays).

Anyways, here’s something interesting that happened. This happened days before my last session. I noticed something weird with my legs after my second to last session. I noticed that if I mentally focused on my legs, I would feel these waves of pleasures when I would lying down on my bed. Lying on my side. As if my legs were feeling a slight orgasm. Nothing too pleasurable, just something that I felt quite nice. Like I said, I discovered this AFTER my second to last session. So I did not have Aneros in me or anything.

How do you guys trigger involuntary contractions?

I’ve had minor involuntary contractions that lasted a couple seconds a few sessions ago. Feel so damn warm and amazing, but I haven’t been able to do them again in the last 3 sessions. Haven’t even been able to enjoy my toy.

Today I had an hour and a half of a session. I tried doing the “do nothing method”. I literally did nothing at all for the first 45 minutes. I was just in my favorite relaxing position (lying on my stomach). I was also very relaxed and closed my eyes a bit. Tried my best to focus on my rectum to feel whatever sensations I could. Had a few split second feelings, but nothing amazing. Went from completely relaxed and then began doing contraction because I didn’t feel like the do nothing method was working for me. Stopped using it after a while.

How do you guys trigger those contractions? Feel like my body isn’t capable of doing involuntary contractions.

Today’s session involved somewhat involuntary contractions, but only for a couple seconds.

Update on me.

Today was my 6th session. I decided to do something different instead though. Instead of doing full on contractions like I’ve been doing, I decided to do light contractions. At first, it wasn’t doing much for me, but kept doing them anyway. But eventually, I started realizing that the contractions were starting to get a little harder to stop. I then started to twitch a bit around my anus. It only lasted a couple seconds. And damn it felt pretty good. My rectum felt so warm and the fact that the Aneros was moving a bit inside me turned me on. My penis started getting erect and felt warm as well.

But sadly it lasted a bit, so I didn’t get anywhere. I then started doing the same light contractions for the next 30 minutes, but I couldn’t do the twitching again. I’m really hoping this wasn’t a fluke. Those seconds were so great.

Can using a dildo after the Aneros ruin the rewriting process?

I was using my Aneros last night. Used it for an hour. As per usual, I didn’t get any where. It was my 5th time I think. I’ll get some pleasure every now and then but not often. This is really frustrating. I’m usually relaxed when using the Aneros, but even then it just seems like I can’t take those couple of seconds of pleasure anywhere.

I removed the Aneros after and hour and I was just really frustrated. I felt that I still very lubed up when I removed it. I still had an hour left before my parents got home so I said what the heck, I’m going to use my dildo. And god damn, did it feel amazing. When I use the Aneros, I try my best to feel every single detail of the toy in my anus. So I guess my anus has become a little more sensitive is some way. So having a dildo in my felt so much better than before. Before I got my Aneros, I used to use this dildo while masturbating. It has vibrating option as well. But back then it would only feel good when I masturbating the regular. I would never get anywhere by just simply thrusting the dildo in me.

I’ve use the Aneros about 4-5 times, and I’ve gotten nowhere?

I just finished my 4th and 5th and as usual I feel like I haven’t progressed nowhere. I only feel feel small waves of pleasure every now and then. But not too often. Sometimes I feel like I’m building up to an orgasm but then it goes nowhere. I haven’t had any precum neither. What am I do wrong? Haven’t had any involuntary contractions either.

Today was my first Aneros sessions! My experience was kind of…. mixed.

So today I received my Aneros Helix Classic through the mail. Opened it as soon as I got home. I wasn’t sure to start then or start tonight, but man I was so desperate to try it out so I did. I used astroglide as lube. In bed on my back and legs bent.
Now, I didn’t have too much trouble with the contractions. I’ve actually been doing kegels for like a month already. So my PC muscles aren’t exactly weak. I was just doing repeated contractions. I never hold them. At first I didn’t feel anything. But I expected this. The more contractions I did, the more I felt I got the feel of the toy. As a result, the more relaxed I felt. Once I got the feel it, my attention went to my anus/prostate. I was actually feeling the toy thrust inside of me and felt the tip massaging the wall, prostate. And then started feeling so pleasure. I felt like I was having an orgasm for a while once I felt the tip of the toy massaging my prostate. Started feeling good. But I guess since I’m new and my muscle are barley using the toy for the time, I couldn’t consistently massage the prostate while I was being pleasure so the pleasure went away. Took out the toy and lubed it up again as I was getting dry. Tried my best to get that orgasmic feeling again, but couldn’t. But I was still enjoying the toy any ways and kept doing contractions for a while, even tried 3 different positions.
But weirdly, the toy stop feeling good. And instead of pleasure, I felt like the toy was scrapping the walls of my rectum. I’m not sure why. It’s possible my anus wasn’t lubed enough. Like I don’t think it was massaging my prostate any more. So I stopped. Ended the sessions there. I think I may use the toy again tonight though! I was so fun and I hope the scrapping won’t happen again.