Tingling won’t stop

Alright, I’ve had fun. Last week I woke up my prostate after trying quite awhile and had some great experiences. I’d like to be able to continue doing it as the desire is there.

However, even when not wanting to feel these sensations I’m still feeling them. Prostate is tingling and if I hold my muscles I can take it further, but I don’t want to always feel this way. It’s interfering with sleep.

Will this go away? It’s been days and feels the same and now I’m a bit scared that I’ll always have this tingling/pleasurable sensation.

Insomnia after a session and other newbie questions

I’m new to experiencing an awakened prostate and am getting some great sensations. Wave after wave of pleasure that feels a lot like maintaining the ‘point of no return’ sensation you feel during penile orgasms, and my muscles tense up and contractions are occurring. I haven’t gone over the edge from here, but I can feel it may be close – the sensations last quite a while then level off.

Question 1: is that a prostate orgasm or pave? Does it get better then this, or is this the top? It’s awesome either way, just wondering.

Question 2: twice now I’ve done this late around midnight for about an hour. After I finish up I attempt to sleep but am unable to do so. I don’t know why, my mind isn’t racing. Is it possible that the tensing of muscles acts like a workout, throwing your body into overdrive with adrenaline that it makes it hard to sleep?

Thanks all!