The biggest orgasm of my life, and how I got there

I’m floored. I’m lucky to have had pretty good luck with the aneros from the beginning. Though, I did have some experience with prostate stimulation before I ever tried the aneros.

This all started for me maybe 8 or 9 yrs ago, in my mid 20s, when an older woman (late 40s) who I was fooling around with talked me into letting her slip a finger inside me while she was edging/blowing me. I reluctantly agreed, but a huge part of our dynamic was her teaching me new things with her mostly focused on me. She loved exploring my body and I miss the fuck out of those edging sessions, and even more so the forced orgasms (she would legit make me cum 3-5 times over an hour or two). Anyway, she made me really comfortable before sliding her finger into me, and just left it there while she continued to play with me. After a while, she started giving me a light prostate massage (at the time, I had no idea what this was) and 20 minutes later I’m shaking and moaning like the most over dramatic female porn star as I cum buckets down her throat. I’ll never forget squeezing this woman’s body with my shaking legs as I opened my eyes gasping for air when I came back to reality. It was extremely intense.