Is there a clear boundary beween the orgasmic/non-orgasmuc state?

I have been practicing my aneros use for about a year now, and I usually experience a lot of pleasure each session. However, I am still unsure if I’ve actually experienced a prostate orgasm yet. At my most pleasurable moments I feel like I just want to cry out of frustration because it feels so good and I feel like I’m so close to SOMETHING, but I don’t know what, and I’m craving some sense of release. During these times I usually experience some precum leakage as well, and my penis will get so hard that it actually hurts. The pleasure build-up is very slow, but I don’t feel like I’m crossing some kind of “point of no return”, like with traditional masturbation. And if I lose concentration all the pleasure dissapear. Thus, I’m wondering if what I have experienced is actually an orgasm or if I’ve not yet pushed myself over the edge. Do you feel like there is a clear boundary between the orgasmic/non-orgasmic state? Or can you feel when you are about to orgasm?