Just received progasm, pretty disappointed

No stranger to occasional anal play with a plug or other object. I’ve been getting into manual prostate sim with fingers and vibe, and haven’t had a prostate orgasm yet but think I was getting pretty close. Lots of thick cum oozing.

So decided to step it up. Did the research, got a progasm black ice.

Super. Disappointed. I did a lot of research on how to use it, set aside some dedicated quiet time nice and relaxed. It slides in easily and overall feels good, but literally no prostate stim. As soon as it’s in I almost don’t even know it’s there. The tabs feel good during pc contractions but overall it’s minimal.

Just to make sure, I tried different positions, repositioning the progasm, etc with no results. Tried just quietly contracting pc muscles, and breathing, but nothing.

In short, am I just not wired right for this thing? Using.my thumb is vastly more pleasurable and could probably have a super O from that except it startz hurting my thumb before long.

Feeling like I wasted $60 on this modestly sized butt plug.